BlueSky is cool. Really. I like that it's less spammy than Twitter, without AI-driven feed that serves you garbage or ads. Ah, and sane UI that works isn't this a great thing?

However, BlueSky's profile link...


As of May 2024 to share profile on BlueSky you need to share link of the form:${nickname}

Which works fine but might be too long for no big reason. Let's be honest is shorter and simpler than


Algorithm to solve imaginary problem:

  1. Find short domain.

  2. Redirect to BlueSky.

  3. Done.


  1. Domain: (blue-sky-link).

  2. Code: (Cloudflare Worker).

  3. Done 🫡

No matter where your account is registered on or on a custom provider behaviour is the same: or

Is it VC-founded?

I'm 100% sure someone will ask about the price and whether this website collects data. The answer is pretty simple: nothing like that.

It is and will be free, without gathering data and all nasty stuff. See the code on Github.


Maybe when BlueSky adds support for (or similar), this little site will be obsolete, but it works for my friends and me now.

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